The Academy

Raised in Pensacola, Florida, Billy Sadler is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and has an enormous wealth of experience. Through his various endeavors, he has channeled that knowledge into the next generation of baseball players. At Billy Sadler Baseball & Softball Academy, Billy has the unique ability to take complex lessons and break them down into specific drills that allow the player to quickly assimilate the skills necessary to elevate both their ability and understanding of the game itself. With Dynasty Baseball of Florida, the cream of the crop of Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama are selected to gain hands-on instruction and experience. Members of Dynasty Baseball are guided with recommendations to specific Showcase opportunities which further allow them to exhibit their talent level and be seen by both professional and college scouts. In all that he does, Billy Sadler strives promote the athlete and help them excel in all areas of ability and prepare them for the next step in their baseball career.